About Parrots International.NZ

Parrots International. NZ are a breeding and exporting business which has been trading for more than fourteen years. During that time we have supplied parrots and Lorikeets to many customers world wide. We specialise in supplying aviary bred birds for the hobbyist in aviculture, also hand raised stock for the pet market.
Parrots International. NZ works to the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) agreement and follows that policy, we do not trade in wild caught stock. Our shipments are set up to IATA standards and are inspected by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture Fish & Forestry) vets during the quarantine period and also at the Auckland International airport facility prior to shipment. 

Parrots International. NZ has recently moved to a new premises north of Auckland and is situated in fourteen acres of beautifull land with native trees and bush scattered over the property, there are also five springs on the property supplying all the fresh water that is needed. A natural stream meanders thru the centre of the farm and is crossed by a bridge.

There are five blocks of aviarys set aside for breeding stock, they hold Major Mitchells, Long Billed Corellas, Galahs and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. We are now breeding Galah mutations and have both Red Eyed and Black Eyed White Wing Galahs with young.

We also breed many lorikeets and there mutations, Rainbows, Red Collared, Scaly's, Musks and Olives in all of these lorikeets. We also specialise in Scaly Red Eye Cinnamon and Mustard mutations.

Parrots International. NZ have a new quarantine facility completely seperate and enclosed from all the other activity on the farm, we are able to hold large or small shipments in segregated areas and follow Protocols of all the various countrys' we trade with. We have set aside one area for the hand rearing of baby birds for the pet market, we take orders early on in the breeding season.
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